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THE GREAT GAME (Part 1—Understanding the Rules)

IMG_3242.JPG I enjoy a good game. Now please, don't look at me like I'm a nut; but when it comes to my Christian life, to me, it's the best game I've ever played! There's so much more to it than many Christians are making out!
Between the year 1813 and 1907, there was a conflict between the Russian Empire and the British Empire over who gained supremacy in Central Asia. Rudyard Kipling called this conflict "THE GREAT GAME."
There's a conflict between the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God going on right now for supremacy on earth. I prefer to call it "THE GREAT GAME!" But it's important to understand the rules. It's important that we understand that Satan is the opponent, and that he likes to cheat!
This is a start to a small series that I hope will excite you if you are a Christian experiencing dark and hopeless days! Get excited! The GAME IS ON!
I think it's necessary to write about things that people don't really talk about for fear of standing out or being a little strange.
Personally, I think that one of the reasons people won't talk about the enemy is because they don't know enough about him to discuss it. It's kind of like discussing a cure for AIDS. I remember—back when the AIDS virus came onto the public scene for the first time—there was a little girl on my baseball team who's goal in life was to discover a cure for the AIDS virus. I remember how the boys laughed at her and ridiculed her to the point of making her cry, and even leaving the team.
I've often thought about that girl. I think the reason why she was so ridiculed is because she didn't have the first clue where to start. And as a result she couldn't explain any possibilities of finding the cure. To this day, AIDS is still alive and well, with no cure in sight.
Here's the first step to destroying the AIDS virus. Study everything there is to know about AIDS.
Think about it; you can't find a cure until you recognize the problem and understand it first.
Proper medication cannot be prescribed until the problem has been diagnosed. A doctor doesn't just say, "Oh, you're throwing up? Well let me give you what I think will help you."
No questions are asked, not even a diagnosis of what the problem is. Just the assumed solution.
A lot of preachers stand in the pulpit and proclaim what they think is the problem. And some...well, they just hang on till Jesus comes!
I don't know about you, but that's depressing. If all I have is the hope that God might come and get us out of this mess, and that if he doesn't, all we can do is moan and groan in a miserable dark world that's not getting saved anymore—as if somehow the fact that salvations of the past were because sinners were somehow not as sinful then as they are now—I might could justify suicide! Am I promoting it? Not at all! There is no justification for the misery that we are in! It is sinful! As sinful as suicide.
I enjoy a good game. And honestly, I like to be the one who wins the game. And you do, too!
There's not a single person who wants to be a loser.
One of my boys, and I'll not name which, loves to win. But here's what happens. He tries to conjure up his own rules. We were playing tic-tac-toe on Thanksgiving Day, and I happen to be an expert at it. So we start to play, and when my son saw that I had him trapped, he decided to change from an X to an O! I let him win a few times, but whenever he would lose, he would pout, fold his arms and say, "Fine, just win! Win all you want! HUMPH!"
You know, that's what a lot of Christians are doing. They are coming up with their own ideas, their own solutions to the problem, and expecting to win! And when they don't, they pout, and say, "The devil's just taking over everything! We're losing! He's winning...Humph!" And then, when another Christian, who actually takes the time to study the rules of the game wins, all the pouters begin to envy and criticize and even accuse them of cheating! Oh, my friends, the Christian life is a GREAT GAME! It's an adventure! But you've got to know how to play it first!
There is more to come, so keep up with this little series!

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