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Do you know your destination? We don't mean where you are going today, or the plans that you've made. We are talking about your final destination. Where are you headed after you die? Everyone dies. It's a morbid thought that we don't enjoy considering; but it comes to all of us. But not all of us go to heaven. Are you 100% sure you are? Click here to learn how you can KNOW you're going to heaven without any doubts!

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RU Addictions Recovery Program

July 10, 2020 7:00 pm

RU is a faith based alternative to secular addictions program! It is the largest faith based program in the world and the most successful addictions program. Independently polled it gives 82% to 89% success rate which is off the charts when brought into comparison with the other programs available. It is unlike all other programs in its structure and offers a real opportunity for freedom. We also provide transportation, child care, and refreshments at each meeting. When you reach the intersection of Northern Blvd and St. Andrews, just follow the RU signs!

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