New Grace Baptist Church

EXPERIENCING JESUS—Evangelist John R. Van Gelderen

EXPERIENCING JESUS—Evangelist John R. Van Gelderen

time 7:00 pm

April 4, 2021


April 8, 2021

The ONLY Experience that Lasts Forever

JESUS. You can experience HIM! His PEACE, His LOVE, His JOY, His LIFE!   We do hope that you can join us for this amazing week of meetings as we celebrate the resurrection of our LIVING Lord. Evangelist John Van Gelderen has a powerful grasp on the Spirit-Filled life and has been in full-time evangelism for nearly 40 years. He speaks what the heart of the Christian already knew to be true, yet has been discouraged from it by mainstream preaching. You CAN experience Jesus, and you DON’T have to be a Christian for 100 years in order to do it. You can leave this meeting filled to overflowing with the abundant life of Jesus Christ. Easter Sunday, you can hear Dr. John at 10am, 11am and 6pm. The rest of the week he will be speaking at 7pm each evening. The button below has everything you need to find us, but if you still have trouble, contact us at 252.955.4220
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