New Grace Baptist Church

At 5,000 Feet

    As I was flying over Chicago en route to The Christ Life Conference in Anarbor, Michigan, the Lord strongly impressed on my heart that it is possible that the homes you see in the picture are u reached. Now I realize that they may very well have been, but imagine, this is just a small portion of the world. There are no doubt over a million people inside this photo...have they been told? Has anyone given them a tract? You know, I've been alive for 36 years, and only twice have I been asked if I was saved! One was an old man with a tract, and the other was a lady just recently at the Golden Living Center, a nursing home, and I'll never forget what they look like. I trust ONE reader will see the need to give out the good news, or that perhaps one would be stirred to action. Claim God's provision of power! He promised he would give it (Luke 11:13, Acts 1:8). Just ask for it, and then take it by believing on the promise and saying, "Thank you!" And then act! Go in the POWER of God and win one! One is better than none. The Harvest IS—not was—PLENTEOUS!

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