New Grace Baptist Church

High Time for Revival with Evangelist Rick Flanders

High Time for Revival with Evangelist Rick Flanders

time 7:00 am

April 28, 2018


May 4, 2018

Make sure you make your reservations for "Journey Through Time!" The pews will be packed full as usual with ladies who are eager for the next meeting. Why are they so eager, because they have discovered that ladies can get exactly what they need at our unique meetings designed to help women go the extra mile for 2018. Following the ladies meeting will be our meeting, "High Time for Revival with Evangelist Rick Flanders. The meeting begins at 10am Sunday morning. During this session, Dr. Rick Flanders will inform us on how we can prepare for the refreshing rains of revival with practical ways to do this. 11am will be the first meeting followed by our normal 6pm service for Sunday Evening. The rest of the week, Monday through Friday, the services will be at 7pm each night. Also there will be a Revival Seminar conducted by Dr. Flanders during weekdays. For more information; please contact Pastor at (252) 955-4220. Calls or Text messages are equally fine. We can show you how to get to our church in one flat minute if you click the button bellow: Directions Video